Cute :)

…wash me white as snowfrom the inside outlet your grace replace my doubtwith every stepwith every breathyou are there to guide meyou never leave; never forsake
punk-popsicle thackerybiinx

Don’t even fucking speak to me if you don’t have this hair style.
humortrain thackerybiinx
I Must Confess in Threes
  • Blab: Three secrets I'm keeping.
  • Mwah: Three people I'd like to kiss.
  • Similar: Three members of the same sex I find attractive.
  • Different: Three members of the opposite sex I find attractive
  • Pastime: Three hobbies I have.
  • Doing: Three habits that I have.
  • Psst: Three things that I've always wanted to tell you.
  • Shh: Three things I wouldn't wan't my parents to know
  • Dream: Three wishes I have.
  • Want: Three things I would do to you if we were alone.
thewhippinghand xokbaexo
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phoebe xx

I like her hair
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d-i-a-b-o-l-i-s-m xokbaexo